Factors to Check before Admitting into Rehabilitation

Getting your addicted loved one into rehabilitation is not that easy. Aside from the fact that you are pained with his condition, getting into a rehabilitation center could slice a huge budget off the family finances. With this, it is best that you make sure that you are spending your money on the right rehabilitation center. Below are some factors you should check in choosing a rehabilitation center.

The Facility
You have to make sure that the facility is absolutely safe and is complete with its amenities. This way, you would be assured that your patient is absolutely safe in that place. And that he will not get bored but rather love his stay in the center. You should also make sure that the facility is absolutely complete so that everything your patient needs would be responded at once.

You should also check the facility’s background. Not only that you checked its non 12 step recovery but its history as well too. Try to know if they have legal disputes or any instances where they neglected their patients. This way, you would be assured that you are dealing with the right rehabilitation facility.

non 12 step recovery
The Center’s Personnel
Also try making a background check of the people inside the facility. Aside from their educational attainments, you should also know their professional background. This way, you would be assured that the people handling your patient are not only fit for their jobs but also have the passion for their job.
The Program

Also try to know the facility’s programs. One of the most popular programs is the non 12 step recovery program. Try to know if they have such program or try to know what program they have. After knowing the programs try to assess if such program can help with the recovery of your patient.

Pros and Cons of Juice Diet

If health conscious person and you are going to be asked: should you be juicing for health reasons, what then could be your answer? Dieting by taking in vegetable and fruit juices is the new trend today yet is also stirring some issues about its reliability. With that, there are these advantages and disadvantages that could guide you should you be juicing for health reasons.

So why is juice dieting became an appealing way of keeping a healthy lifestyle? Here are some of the good reasons. In a fast paced world today, taking in the right amount of fruits and vegetables may not always be an option. That is why an instant fruit and vegetable intake through juicing them is a good way of lowering those bad cholesterols and increasing the fiber. It is undeniable that these fruits and vegetables are real good source of fiber which effectively helps you wash out unwanted and excess fats faster than not having one. While to some vegetable haters, a juice diet is much easier to have than dealing with the texture of those slimy and leafy ones.

should you be juicing for health
Now here lies the list of the disadvantages of juice dieting. Overdoing it could deprive you of the other nutrients that your body needs such as protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Aside from that, this will also require you to have an effective juicer which is quite expensive. And the most alarming of all, these fruits and vegetables, if not chosen and cleansed well, can be a cause of sickness as they may still be contaminated with pathogens and/or chemical residues when they are taken in fresh and uncooked.

Now that you know these insights, should you be juicing for health? If yes, be ready for some other sacrifices. If not, we’re hoping you could find a better alternative.




Birth date: 7/12/62


Marital Status: Married to Emanuela since 1987

Children: Nicolo & Francesca

Profession: Owner of Gym Planetarium

In Profession: Since 2003

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Hair color: Light brown

Eyes color: Black

Height: 174

Weight out of race: 98 KG

Weight in race: 95 KG

Seniority training: 18 years

Best Positions:
Italian Champion IFBB Absolute
4 Times Winner of the Night of Champions IFBB
4 Times Qualified in First Ten
IFBB World Championship
Twice Finalist to European Championship IFBB
National Athlete Since 1995
Winner of Various Grand Prix National and International
7th to Masters Olympia 2003

Hobby: Bicycling

Character: Meticulous

Training race out: Split heavy medium

Favorite Athelete: Lee Labrada

Goals in life: Improve all the time

Goals in body building: Winning the masters and participating in mister olympia

Quality in an athelete: Line and symmetry

Diet out of race: 60% Carbs-25% Protein-15% Fat

Diet in race: 55% Carbs-35% Protein-10% Fat

Supplements: Protein and Amino free branched